Tom Ford Cologne

Tom Ford CologneTom Ford Cologne – The Way of the Gentleman

One of the most masculine fragrances around, Tom Ford Cologne has a succinct description of “formal and gentleman”. The cologne line offers a variety of great smells with essential mixture. Scents of ginger, citrus and wood base which lingers on the wearer, but never become too dominant over time.

Many fragrance reviewers would claim this cologne for men is something they would like to use for various occasions in the office or at parties. Tom Ford cologne is known to be chic and a little bit ceremonial. As always, this cologne is definitely not one that would offend the senses. A single whiff in the air can’t help but make people fall under an instant citrusy spell. The scent then settles for an interesting fusion of green, wood, and earth smells.

The thing about Tom Ford that adds greatly to the appeal is the magnetic concept they put in for advertising and marketing. What is so enticing about these ads is the air of exclusivity intended just for a privileged few. This image alone captivates the charm of Tom Ford Cologne. In many ways the ad and marketing become the essential driving force for fragrance enthusiasts. The ads take their curiosity to the next level. The makers of this cologne invest in a wide range of famous celebrity personalities. This conveys the image of unattainable stature yet gentlemanly class with hints of a laidback disposition.

Tom Ford for menThis cologne is fittingly made for the everyday guy that is attempting to avoid a suit and tie persona. The guy who works hard,  his way, to reach his ambitions, yet downright accessible and all the more a gentleman. Tom Ford fragrances reach out to men that want to have that non-invasive appeal. They wish to embody a touch of chic and modernity. It is like their presence is a smell to anticipate and yet, no one becomes intimidated or feels turned away.

When attending black tie events, this scent is one that can mingle with other exclusive fragrances. Tom Ford cologne complements the formal get up, yet remains charming enough to be able to circulate and speak with each and every one at the party.

The success in wearing one of these fragrances lies in the way the gentleman carries himself. Confident yet sensible, charming yet available. Ambitious yet laid-back, sociable yet a little chill. All these qualities intently reflect the cologne from Tom Ford. Even the shape of the bottle contributes to its devil-may-care attraction, with underlying tones of honesty and genuine kindness.

The cologne is not your typical heavy musk scent with a touch of wood and green. Tom Ford Cologne Italian Cypress by Tom Fordrealigns your senses to the basic gentlemanly features of the fragrance. It speaks volumes about what every guy should smell like. Clean and crisp but levelheaded and with a soft and mellow nature around people. It takes a real gentleman to do this cologne justice. At first smell, Tom Ford captivates the essence of it all, without the overwhelming power. That which only the non-arrogantly confident and pleasingly sociable man already possesses.